Crisis Recovery Advice & Assistance

for Blue Mountains businesses

How are we helping Far Blue Mountains businesses?

With all that the region has undergone in the past year with drought, fire and now COVID -19, business in the Blue Mountains needs assistance now more than ever before.

Whether you’ve got a gift store in Leura, a motel in Katoomba, a cafe at Blackheath or an event planner in Lithgow, we’re all feeling the pinch.

We have collated all the government programs, assistance packages and survival funds together so that we can advise any business in any part of Australia on what they need to do to survive this current crisis. And then thrive once the crisis passes.

What can we assist with?

We have prepared a triage toolkit below that you can download to get started with the basics. Then once you’re ready to move to the next level, call our free business crisis recovery hotline on 1800 595 165 and we can talk about the various grants and government assistance programs you may qualify for.

We have information from the New South Wales and Australian governments on what assistance is available and we can help guide you through the process involved to get the help you need to ensure that your business survives.

Who are we?

Treeti Business Consulting has been working with small businesses for a decade to be the best they can be. Working alongside various Australian government programs, we’ve been able to assist businesses to connect to government grants, survival funds and more in order to¬† get them through crises like drought, bushfire, economic decline and now, COVID-19.