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Adapting to change presented by Claire Maradani

The old adage states that only death and taxes are a certainty in life. We would argue that change is also inevitable in almost any life, anywhere. And as we have seen in the first half of 2020, change can come in ripples and crashing waves.

Change can be disruptive but adapting to change can also open new possibilities. A changing business situation can create a period of uncertainty while you adapt. A clear understanding of what business and organizational change is, can help build your resilience and flexibility.

In this free webinar from Leadership Coach and Managing Director of Treeti Business Consulting, Claire Maradani will show:

– How to build your “change muscle”

– How this will help you to be more flexible and resilient when change comes

– How to plan more effectively for change in your life

– And how to see change, not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity

About the Presenter:

Claire Maradani is a highly experienced and renowned trainer in leadership and resilience for business owners. As the leader of an award-winning business consulting firm, Claire knows first-hand how sudden change can disrupt old models of business and thinking – not only in client businesses, but in her own business.