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ASBAS Digital Solutions C19 Biz Booster Workshop

Do your own market research by Dante St James

In the old days we sat in shopping centers and asked passers-by to fill out long surveys in order to see whether they liked what we were selling – or not! In 2020 there are more efficient and effective ways to get the information you need before making a decision to start a business – or change the focus of the business you’re already in.

Why do you need to do market research? The road to small business is littered with the failures of those who had a “hunch” or “a good feeling” about a product and it’s matching customer type. The good news is that there are a whole range of free research tools that will help you make better decisions about the direction of your business.

In this free webinar you will learn:

– How to use information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

– How to find and use data from Facebook & Instagram

– How to find data from Google and interpret it

– How to use LinkedIn’s tools to extract valuable information

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program


The host of this webinar, Dante St James, is often associated with success, having grown a successful digital agency, working with hundreds of businesses across Australia in his roles with Treeti Business Consulting and Facebook Australia, and his hosting of countless coaching sessions and workshops. But not so long ago, he experienced not one, but two big business failures that saw him lose everything.

Today he owns his own businesses, consults to many more and represents Facebook & Instagram across the Asia-Pacific. He also owns a franchise for F-Up Nights in Darwin, where he facilitates the sharing of stories of failure by business leaders, public officials, and famous people. F-Up Nights and the associated Failure Institute are a worldwide movement in 321 cities across 90 countries. It’s dedicated to destigmatizing failure and using it as a way to learn and succeed. He presents his own story of recovery from failure, along with other examples from The Failure Institute, that contain real learning for Aussie small businesses.

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