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ASBAS Digital Solutions C19 BizBooster Workshop

Establishing & managing Your Team Remotely with Christine Smith

With physical distancing in our businesses looking like it will be required indefinitely, it’s not always possible to have your whole team in one place. This webinar will cover what you need to know when it comes to maintaining a remote workforce whether it’s for a short time or permanently. These principles will also be useful when working with outsourced contractors.

Participants will be provided with a step by step guide on how to

  • manage virtual teams
  • maintain moral and team leadership
  • how to conduct virtual meetings
  • how to assess your teams performance remotely
  • how to set up an ergonomic work station at home

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program.


With over 30 years’ experience in roles ranging from strategist and change project leader to educator and trainer, Christine Smith has a track record of positive influence on workplace culture. She describes real success measures, delivers innovative solutions and helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

Communication is Christine’s focus whether in calls or in person, in workshops or presentations or through writing. Christine is all about conveying ideas and opening up understanding. She reveals benefits and practical implementation approaches without you having to be an expert in more technical areas like process review or technology.

Christine is skilled at distilling the steps in a business’ current operation, gauging capacity for change and highlighting opportunities to maximize business growth and performance. Her forte is keeping you oriented toward achieving results and focused on practical implementation.

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