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How to be funny, cool or just plain entertaining?

When your competitors are pumping out great content and showcasing their goods, it might be time to pull out the dad jokes.
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Level : Beginner


Monday, 21 June 2021

WA: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (AWST)

NT: 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM (ACST)

QLD: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (AEST)

This is not the social media webinar that you thought that you needed. Yet here you are, nervously booking it because you know that you’re about as funny as being slapped in the face with a cold fish. It’s ok. Most business owners don’t find that a sense of humour is high on their priority list. After all, managing staff isn’t a joke. Nor is cash flow forecasting. Yet, the businesses that are headed up by entertaining owners, hilarious managers and cool staff, tend to be really memorable. And as long as you’re getting the job done, why not have a laugh while you’re doing it?

In this very non-standard webinar, we’ll look at starting with your boring social media and making it… more fun, more cool and more entertaining.

You’ll learn all about:

Memes, themes and trends
The kind of humour that works on social media
Clever bait-and-switch writing
fun graphics
And a bit of sense on when you might be going too far.
So if you were ever the kid who dreamed of sitting at the back of the school bus or the business owner who wished that they weren’t such a wet blanket, then it couldn’t hurt to learn a trick or two about how the cool kids got cool, the funny girls got funny and the entertainers got to be so gosh-darn entertaining.

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program


Dante St James is a Community Trainer, Marketing Science Professional, Digital Marketing Associate, Certified Media Planner and Media Buyer with Facebook Australia & New Zealand. He is also the APAC region’s only certified Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer.

He is also a Training Partner for Google’s Digital Springboard, the Australian Government’s BeConnected program and the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Stay Safe Online program. And as an advisor and trainer for the Commonwealth’s ASBAS Digital Solutions and New Business Assistance with NEIS programs, he works with dozens of businesses in a 1:1 capacity each month.

From his base in Darwin, Northern Territory, Dante travels extensively across Australia providing training and support for community organisations, media, small business and regional/rural businesses to enable them to get more out of today’s best digital tools and services.

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