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Optimizing your website or store for sales by Dante St James

Conversion optimization is a fancy term to describe the process of adjusting your website or ecommerce store to more effectively convert visitors into customers.

It’s only natural when we are building our websites and stores, that we will tend to focus on what the site looks like to us, the business owner. But are we really the people who are best positioned to know what will work best? Especially if we have never had a website or online store before this one?

There is a science to conversion on websites that has been tested and proven many times over the years. From layout, to language and colour to recommendation, there are several things that are common on all the most successful websites for booking services – and online stores.

In this webinar full of practical insights that you can apply, you’ll learn:

– What the role of your layout is, and how it affects the customer journey

– How colour works online, regardless of what you brand colours are

– How where a customer visited before they get to your site affects how they behave

– What language and use of text does to influence bookings and purchases

About the Presenter:

As a digital agency head and digital lead for an influential business consulting firm, Dante St James has analyzed thousands of websites for their effectiveness at generating paying customers and booked clients. Having created websites since 1996, and now being one of a handful of certified and accredited Facebook & Instagram professionals in Australia, his approach to conversion optimization is in demand across regional Australia via groups such as Digital Toolkit, Hot & Healthy, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism boards and small business associations, as it’s easy to understand, actionable and delivered in plain English