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Pitching Session

Pitching Sessions are a focus group where our Entrepreneurs pitch their business to ‘potential customers’ and receive real time feedback on their business, its vision, products and services.

Our feature business for September is Organisational Extraordinare and we’ll be hearing from founder and consultant, Sheridan Rose.

12 people registered and 6 people attended. I person sent and email indicating that they had trouble logging in.

Megan and Christine introduced the EFS program covering the partnership with Business Station Inc. and the funding by Australian Government. Nicole Walsh from the Chamber of Commerce NT welcomed participants as the supporting organisation representative and welcomed participants to country.  As the second session of three in mini series, the purpose and potential benefits of using a Business Model Canvas process was introduced. Participants introduced their businesses. The second three elements of the business canvas were discussed in more detail. A number of participants indicated that they have not yet started a business and are at the point of looking for tools to help them flesh out their ideas. The guest business owner, a current and longer term EFS client, provided insights into the benefits she has gained from using the BMC. In particular, she highlighted how she used the BMC process to decide the best way to approach her new business idea. She described how she worked through 5 BMCs with the same value proposition and customer segment, using the other 7 elements to rule out 3 approaches almost immediately (e.g. one way used partners that were too high in cost to allow a participant cost that her target customers would pay). Her real business insights were well received by participants.​


Whether you have a business idea, you want to get your business off the ground or you’re looking for some help to improve your business, Megan Holzfeind and Christine Smith, the local Entrepreneurship Facilitators, may be able to help you.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide a free service, funded by the Australian Government, to encourage people to start their own business. Running your own business is a great way to create your own job.

For more information about the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services (EFS) program and to register, visit our EFS page.

EFS events in Darwin are brought to you by our Entrepreneurship Facilitators, Megan Holzfeind and Christine Smith, in partnership with Business Station, Inc. They are part of the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services (EFS) program and fully funded by the Australian Government.

The Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services (EFS) program is proud to work alongside other Australian Government initiatives such as NEIS – the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. Through its Northern Territory partner, MyPathway, NEIS provides assistance to people wishing to start their own business.