About Treeti Business Consulting

Out of Chaos, Comes Order’ – Andy Monks. Acrylic and Impasto on Canvas

The painting is an abstract symbol to embody the culture and vision of the organisation Treeti.  Rather than a literal vision it is intended to evoke expression like a piece of music, allowing the viewer to see what they want to see in the image.

In this piece, order comes out of the chaos and colours to represent a circular symbol reminiscent of a compass or star that brings integrity, direction and clarity in a fog of uncertainty.

The central motif also signifies connection and bringing people and ideas together to provide a unifying vision.

It consists of many layers and colours. Combining textures in Impasto. Purple is the dominant colour and represents transformation.

Building better businesses across Australia

Treeti Business Consulting has access to a selection of highly trained business specialists to support any of your business needs.

The name TREETI is an acronym for our values.


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Across a wide range of industry and sectors

Our highly skilled, award-winning team has worked across a number of sectors and industries in Australia and around the world. Our combined experience ensures you receive the highest quality support and service to strengthen and grow your business.

Travel & Tourism

Medical & Pharmaceutical

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& Group Training Organisations

Local, State & Federal Government


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