HR Services

Human resource services, that help you build an accountable, high performing culture and team.

Develop your leadership skills & build a high performing team. When a business is stuck, struggling, or disorganised, Treeti delivers coaching and implements strategy & processes that provide clarity and structure to help them regain control and get results sooner.

There is plenty of available evidence that supports the ‘why’ when it comes to investing in your team.

Yet a common challenge of any business – large or small, is their workforce. Lack of accountability, poor job performance, low morale and high turnover hits organisations where it hurts the most – company culture and bottom line.

Treeti has a proven track record and have worked with hundreds of businesses for more than a decade.

We guarantee personal and professional growth.

Our team expertise spans all facets of business

We guarantee life and business will be easier

Treeti HR Services


Employment Solutions

  • Writing job ads and loaded into Seek
  • Recruitment 
  • Provision of recruitment process and documents to use
  • Onboarding documents for new team members
  • Review/update/creation of HR policies and procedures
  • Review/ update/creation of job descriptions
  • Document control registers (including what is required for ISO) is appropriate
  • Implementation and or facilitation of the first two tool box and staff meetings
  • Implementation and or facilitation of the first two management meetings Performance review training
  • Fairwork compliance
  • Recommendation of cloud based HR management systems (if applicable) 2 hours training for key team members on how to use the documents

Performance Management

– A suite of document template
– Confidence to handle difficult situations
– Ability to identify poor performance & close gaps
Delivery methods:
– 1:1 coaching or group workshops


Performance Conversations

– How to have difficult conversations with people
– Using the FAIR conversation framework Delivery methods:
– 1:1 coaching or group workshops


Appropriate workplace behaviours - Bullying & Harassment

– Policy templates
– Understanding of what constitutes bullying & harassment
– Confidence to handle bullying & harassment incidents
Delivery methods:
– 1:1 coaching or group workshops

Extensive Experience in Key Industries

We have delivered Human Resource Services across a range of industries including:

  • Government departments
  • NGO’s including Aboriginal Corporations
  • Defence industry supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade services
  • Agribusiness
  • Enabling Services and Technologies
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical
  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Hospitality

Are you ready for results?

Simplify HR, build a strong culture, and have peace of mind that you’re doing things right. get professional, reliable, and experienced help to grow or manage your team. Contact Treeti today for a conversation about your human resources services that will change the trajectory of your business.  

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