Business Ready by Treeti

Are you running a small business in a regional or remote area of Australia? With fewer than 5 employees?

Then this training and mentoring program is for you.


Get High Calibre Mentoring (from anywhere in Australia)

Operating a business in regional Australia at times feels impossible to access high-calibre help. The group gives you weekly access to high calibre group coaching. Different topics each week – but ask anything.


Join a community (of like-minded small business owners)

There’s something different about the way businesses in remote and regional Australia come together. Connect with like businesses in all areas of the country.

Access Online Training (specifically developed for regional Australia)

Running a business in remote or regional Australia isn’t the same as operating in a major city – so generic online business courses won’t cut it.

You deserve access to quality training and support too.

We understand that growing small businesses can’t always afford to outsource help from experts. But you’re the backbone of our regional communities. Get consistent and easy access to learning, expert advice and community. Build a regional business you love and design the life you want.