Our Team

Claire Maradani Managing Director Treeti

Claire Maradani

Managing Director

Megan Holzfeind

General Manager

Lucy Finch

Head of Operations

Cecilia Quek

Head of Workforce Abundance

Specialised Consultants

Michael Magree

eCommerce Websites

Michael specialises in Web Development with 18+ years working in eCommerce development and design. Michael designs and develops online stores for small business so they can sell their products and services online. Michael is skilled in JavaScript, HTML and project management and is excellent at working 1:1 with our clients to tailor to their needs.

Kirsty Brown

Brand Identity and Graphic Design

Kristy is a multi-disciplined designer specialising in graphic and spatial design with close to a decade of experience in the creative industries spanning between Sydney, Darwin, the United States, and more recently Brisbane. Kristy is able to work directly with our clients to assist with creative concepts and designs to achieve the best outcome possible for our clients.

Jaiden Fahey

Website Design, Development and Conversion Optimisation

Jaiden is our Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Design Specialist at Treeti. Jaiden is our “go to” person with anything involving client website builds, designs and migrations. Jaiden has worked with a number of clients internationally and locally. Jaiden believes that great design, strong branding, and an online presence is what takes businesses to the next level to have an edge over their competitors.