Welcome to our August 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

A statement from Michael Gunner, our Chief Minister’s response to Hospitality NT Gold Plate Awards Team that was set to take place last week. This team leads by Jimmy, Madusha and Danny whose event was cancelled on the day, due to this month’s COVID-19 lockdown. The team quickly pivoted from the awards and went to work repurposing their food for the Darwin Community, with proceeds going to local Darwin charities, Sunset Soup Kitchen and Kindness Shake.“Quick on our feet and ready to react, Territorians have been great at it, and this is another example.”

This act is a great example of a team finding resilience out of adversity, demonstrated by the Hospitality NT Team and local Darwin businesses. This is not unusual, we have been witnessing this all over the Territory, in businesses across small and medium enterprise.  This month’s Directors Note is an acknowledgment to the business community for their state management skills and ability to step around the COVID-19 curveball, finding resilience, and above all else, gratitude for our tight-knit community.

If you require support with funding, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who can assist your business with grant applications and delivery of services and products across many industries.  Our contact details are 08 8967 1788.

Claire Maradani
Managing Director

Welcome to our October 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

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Welcome to our July 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

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Welcome to our May 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

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