Welcome to our May 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

Hello and welcome to our May edition of our Treeti Yeah Newsletter.

Last month we had a look at the impacts of bust to boom on businesses. Now we know that boom is here to stay for a while, it’s a great opportunity to delve into using digital systems and the automation of digital apps such as Xero, ServiceM8 and FYI Docs.

Also consider adding eCommerce to your website, which enables you to sell your product or service, and is a great way to add a revenue stream or diversify your offerings.

Treeti will be taking our own advice, launching our online digital program Business Ready, in the next coming months. Stay tuned and we will share more detail soon.

While consumer confidence is on the up, business owners are looking to implement new ideas such as restaurants offering takeaway to their usual fixed menus, or trialling products such as Afterpay, as an alternate payment method for consumers.
By harnessing technology, it is important to stay ahead of the game and technology can be a great way to expand. While you are in the space of deciding what is best for you, don’t miss the opportunity to trial new digital platforms to enhance your business.

See you next month.

~ Claire Maradani, Treeti Director

Welcome to our July 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

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Welcome to our March 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

Welcome to our March 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

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A critical marketing tool, you are ignoring, with a simple fix.

How many times have you sat there thinking, 'How can I increase sales?' with a horrible feeling in your stomach that you don't have the answer you need. We've worked with enough businesses to know you have probably never answered that question with 'I need to improve...

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