Welcome to our April 2021 Newsletter – Director’s Note

Hello and welcome to our April edition of our Treeti Yeah Newsletter.

This month we have been taking a closer look at how Bust to Boom impacts business and how both ends of the spectrum can be just as tricky to navigate. Just 12 months ago businesses were facing the problem of no customers and restricted trade. Right now, around Australia more and more business owners are run off their feet, experiencing difficulties with staffing levels, recruitment, cost management, product or service delivery, quality controls and generally dissatisfied customers.

We are seeing our clients in industries such as Trades, Construction and Tourism struggle with staff shortages that impact both businesses and customers. Our advice and support strategies have been to “think outside the box” for solutions to these tricky challenges. Strategies such as run recruitment campaigns interstate, pay higher hourly rates, up-skilling existing staff improve systems and processes, management training, and address any company culture issues, all with intention of attracting talent and improving your product, service or offering.

There are significant savings and improved productivity that can be made by implementing appropriate accounting, workflow and job management software and systems. Or even consider changing your business model to suit current times, for example if you are a restaurant consider changing from table service to counter service. Implementation of these types of ideas can relieve an over worked and over stretched team.

If you think you would like to talk to someone about your business challenges, staffing and training needs or infrastructure for growth solutions please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 08 8967 1788 or visit our website to assist with any of your business needs.

See you next month!

Kind regards,

~ Claire Maradani, Treeti Director

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