Careflight, Executive Leadership Program

case study

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Careflight Head of Human Resources Natalie Gallagher contacted Treeti Managing Director Claire Maradani to conduct an internal Workforce Planning Review including recommendations for Organisational and Cultural Change for the whole organisation.


The Treeti team completed a review of the organisation and then embarked on a 3-year Leadership and Management improvement and change program.

The program covered 2 states of NT and NSW and Treeti delivered training to 28 Senior Careflight Leaders.

Human Resource and Industrial Relations topics delivered included:
Workforce analysis and planning (NTG CLF Training Panel Approved), Succession Management (NTG CLF Training Panel Approved), Redesign workforce jobs • Cross Cultural Awareness, Managing Culturally Diverse Teams, Cross Cultural Training for Senior Managers

Business Acumen and Developing Self topics delivered included:
Communication, Time Management, Managing Up, Resilience/ Emotional Intelligence, Quality Customer Service, Presentation and Facilitation, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Accountability, 360 Evaluations (individual and teams), Being a Leader, Strategic Thinking

Leadership topics delivered included:
Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Leadership for Change Agents, Leading People, Leading Change, Leading Managers, Coaching for Executives, Strategic planning, Change Management, Leading in Adversity

Mentoring and Coaching topics delivered included:
Team Profile Development, Mentoring and Coaching, Team Building and Team Management, Team Building, Team Management, Appropriate Workplace Behaviours, Values, Appropriate Workplace Behaviours, Ethics, Code of Conduct, Bullying and Harassment, Human Capital Management


Outcomes for Careflight

• Improved management skills
• Improved conflict resolution
• 360-degree communication skills
• Improved outcomes with industry engagement and best practice
• Better understanding of participants’ own psychology
• Leadership distinctions applicable to their role
• Improved state management
• Improved Workplace Culture
• Increased performance and productivity

Outcomes for individuals:

• Better understanding of participants own psychology
• Leadership distinctions relative to their own role
• Improved State management

CareFlight continues to engage Treeti for ad hoc training and development and refreshers to the Leadership and Management Program.