Dundee Beach Holiday Park


Dundee Beach Holiday Park didn’t want to be known only as a ‘fishing spot’. They knew they were ready for a website update, their digital marketing was lacking strategy and the look and feel of the Brand was in need of some TLC. They wanted to attract a wider audience, set themself apart from the competition, and look like a serious player in the tourism industry.


The outcome for Dundee Beach is the quintessential example of what impact the entire Treeti team can have on a business when there are experts that contribute to different components of a project.

During the Strategy process, it was identified that a significant shift in Brand and Visual Identity was required to align the business’s look and feel to the long term target customer.

After the new Visual Identity was created, signage and marketing material needed to be updated and a new website was built positioning them as the main authority of tiny beachside paradise – yet still close to using them as a base for day trips to some iconic NT destinations.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Update Brand & Visual Identity
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography

Dundee Beach Holiday Park utilised a broad range of Treeti services, from Brand and Marketing Strategy to execution in a variety of areas. 

They’ve gone from looking like a humble accommodation provider in a small destination, to a serious and effective Tourism operator in the NT. Arguably, one of the best looking.