Litchfield Outback Resort


Litchfield Outback Resort approached Treeti to find a strategy to grow. Like many in hospitality, Covid had a massive impact on their business, both in the restaurant and the motel, and the management team wanted to invest in the brand and marketing to prepare to recover. They also wanted to position the brand for long term growth in the region.  


This was an incredibly exciting project for the entire team involved, both Treeti and the client.

Starting with Brand Strategy is we discovered that it would be better to leave the old identity of the motel and motel restaurant in the past, and redevelop the Visual Identity and Brand to better align with the customer experience being delivered. That of small outback resort. And that’s how Litchfield Outback Resort was born.

This required an entire rebrand for the business, including Visual identities for both the resort brand, and the restaurant. Including applying the new brand and strategy to the website and other marketing collateral. The outcome is a truly stunning transformation that puts the resort into a strong position to attract their ideal customer in the future and position them away from ‘motel’ reputation of the past.  


  • Brand Strategy
  • Update Brand & Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Photograhpy

Litchfield Outback Resort needed a wide range of services to pull off such a significant transformation. They worked with our strategists to define a long-term strategy for the brand, including the renaming of the motel. This led design of Visual Identities, the development of style guides, logos and the website. And required new photography to compliment the shift in brand positioning and complete the updated brand presence online.